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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. My goal is to help raise awareness of some of the challenges that exist when preparing a new business plan or marketing strategy, as well as how to address these issues.

These articles provide insights into my perspectives and knowledge of marketing, Public Relations, and corporate communications strategies. As a marketing professional that resides in Orange County, California, I enjoy working with clients across Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

In addition to working as a full-time marketing and communications professional, I also engage in the occasional writing of business plans for private clients. This activity is an ideal complement to my skills, knowledge, and experience, and provides me the opportunity to meet many interesting people with creative ideas for new businesses.

Business plan writers are storytellers, as are communications professionals. Strategic business planning necessitates identifying a market need and serving it proficiently. Smart business plan preparation means you have carefully thought through a story to explain the specific challenges that you can help your clients to overcome. If you can’t tell your story very well, you are going to have a tough time getting an investor’s attention. Finding successful business partners and employees requires a story too.

Writing an effective business plan takes a myriad of skills, knowledge and marketing acumen. You must not only present a compelling opportunity warranting investment, but you must also convey the passion, knowledge and business skills to execute your vision.

My work experience is evenly split between finance and marketing at small and large hi-tech companies located in Orange County and Los Angeles County in Southern California and includes three years at a start-up where I was part of the founding team. My MBA from Pepperdine University combined with my work experience lets me offer a unique combination of skills ideally suited to not only preparing and writing a business plan, but to also perform a strategic evaluation of your business opportunity.

Do you have an idea for a new business, but are not quite sure what your next step might be? Interested in having someone review your idea and present it in the right language that is conducive to the investment community? If so, I can help. Contact me today to learn more about my business plan writing service and let’s get started!

5 thoughts on “Business Plan Writer”

  1. Gordon is GREAT! He was able to help me work through my business and marketing challenges with ease. He was able to put together a plan that articulated the direction of my business and had the professional skills to put together a financial model that I am taking to Venture Capitalists for funding. He was able to grasp my business model and make them his own. His research was impeccable and very helpful… I’d recommend Gordon Benzie ANY time! We were very pleased with his abilities at CLOAQ! Thanks Gordon!

  2. Can’t recommend Gordon highly enough. He recently put together a stellar business plan for me and my partners, and was instrumental in helping us gather and coordinate all the necessary information to take our project to the next level. The guy knows his stuff. Couldn’t have done it without him.

  3. I met Gordon through a mutual friend and Gordon has now written 2 very detailed Business plans for new endeavors. Two very different business i might add. He is very detailed, methodical and just a pleasure to work with. I recommend Gordon for all your Business plan needs.

  4. Gordon is a real master at what he does. Asking all the right questions, he help us focus our new venture into a very well crafted business plan and marketing strategy. With his guidance we created a concise and thought provoking document that delivers a great narrative for our investors, and clients. I can’t recommend Gordon Benzie enough!!

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