8 Ways to Leverage Search in Press Releases

It should come as no surprise that with the transition towards a digital distribution model for news delivery, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has only grown. It simply must play a role in any digital public relations campaign. This is hardly a revolutionary thought. What makes this task a challenge, however, is the … Continue reading 8 Ways to Leverage Search in Press Releases

Are Paper-based Communications Dead?

Paper-based media has long played a prominent role as a way to communicate. Go back in time, however, and it could be classified as a disruptive invention. Stone tablets, monuments and cave walls used to be the only options for non-verbal communications, and had done so for thousands of years. Then the Egyptians created Papyrus, … Continue reading Are Paper-based Communications Dead?

Giving (and Gaining) Value from a Social Network

Recently I wrote about the concept of identifying “personas” or profiles of your prospective customers, as part of your social media marketing program. Once you have completed this task, considerable value can be obtained by leveraging social media to identify where these Personas “live” or spend their free time. The ultimate goal is to build a … Continue reading Giving (and Gaining) Value from a Social Network

Business Plan Writer

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. My goal is to help raise awareness of some of the challenges that exist when preparing a new business plan or marketing strategy, as well as how to address these issues. These articles provide insights into my perspectives and knowledge of marketing, Public Relations, and corporate communications strategies. As a … Continue reading Business Plan Writer