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Gordon Benzie is a marketing executive with 25+ years of experience within a marketing and financial management capacity. Mr. Benzie is currently a global brand marketing executive at an enterprise software provider. In this role, Mr. Benzie is focused on driving awareness and communicating brand value to internal and external audiences.

As a marketing communications professional, social media has become a critical part of nearly every marketing communications strategy. At the heart of that strategy should be a blog to introduce compelling content to your target audience, which can then be shared across channels.

There is no substitute for experience, especially within an evolving field of online or digital marketing. For this reason, I launched “Making Every Word Count” in late 2009 as a “sandbox” to experiment with blog design, administration and strategy. Over the years, “Making Every Word Count” has built an audience and has been read my thousands of people. And, along the way I have learned a great deal about digital media, and how to apply this knowledge to my professional career. I hope you too can learn something from these articles – let me know what you think!

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